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Jesuit Church of the Annunciation

Jesuit Church of the Annunciation

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Address: Jezuitská ulice, Litoměřice


Practical information:

The church is open to the public only during events.

More information:

A massive baroque structure was created by father and son Broggio between the 1701 – 1731years for Jesuit college(campus) on the spot of five town houses. The Church was consecrated on 16. 11. 1731. The original hospital which, from the 13th century till the end of the Hussite revolution, belonged to the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star and then to the city (town) and the Church of Virgin Mary, was given to the Jesuit Order (3.4.1629).
After the suppression of the Order in 1773, was the building turned into a town brewery warehouse. The church was consecrated again in 1810 and used for theologian seminaries. In 1818, a vaulted hallway joined the church with the college opposite.
Monumental frescoes are attributed to Jan Hiebel. A Jesuit sepulchre is located underneath the church.
In these days the church is from time to time used for concerts or exhibitions, otherwise it is closed for public



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