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All Saints Church

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The church is firstly mentioned in 1235. The church contains the oldest known part of walls in Litomerice and several bricked up windows from the 13th century. It was a part of the town fortification in the first half of the 14th century and the 54 meters high tower with four bells was added in that time (1341).The tower features a wooden gallery with four turrets and mighty oak beams holding four large bells. The tower clock dates back to 1554.The remarkable tent shape of roof was created in 1570 under the Valentin Schneide supervision. In late 17th century, Giulio Broggio restored the Chapel of St. Barbara and built the Chapel of St. Roch. His son Octavio rebuilt the structure in Baroque style in 1718 – 1719. The church features a very interesting early 16th century painting of Christ on Mount Olivet by the so called Master of the Litomerice Altar. The church was surrounded by a cemetery til the end of the 18th century. Father and son Broggio are buried in the church. For its typical white color it is being called White church.



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